KDE Online account...Allowed but not showing in Dolphin

Hello team -
Running Plasma 5.26.5 on 5.15.94-1-MANJARO
I’ve installed kio-gdrive, have configured Online Accounts for Google Drive, and see on my Drive account that KDE has been allowed, but nothing shows up in Dolphin. Any suggestions about how to troubleshoot this would be great.

I’ve been digging into this a bit more. It’s not a crisis but it was bugging me. I found a few things:
To me it looks like kio-gdrive loads fine, but in Dolphin there’s no Network item showing in the toolbar, which is odd. Screenshot is attached. Without the Network selection on the toolbar I don’t see where kio-gdrive would place the folder. I’ve looked a the Dolphin config options and don’t find a relevant selection to make it visible.

Also, I had a VM of Endeavor loaded. It works fine there but, as shown, that distro is on a different kernel and a different version of kio-gdrive.
If you had to pick, do you think it’s a Dolphin issue, or more related kernel and kio-gdrive?

Try this path:


You can drag the folder into the Network area and save the location:

It’s counterintuitive, I know :frowning: .

Thx… that’s the ticket

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