KDE not remembering windows positions on multi-monitor setup


I’m new here (also quite new to Manjaro). I have used it for about 3 months now and for the most part I’m having a great time.

The thing that bugs me though is that my multi monitor setup doesn’t quite seem to work right. I think the issue may be that I have my main monitor running at 120Hz and my secondary at 60Hz.
In addition to this they are also running at different resolutions.
My main monitor is at 2560x1440 and my secondary is at 1920x1080.
My main monitor is plugged in using DisplayPort and the other is using HDMI.

The issue:
Windows don’t seem to remember what size I had them at or their position I closed them in. This was not a problem when I used only one monitor.

I have googled the issue and have tried:

  1. setting up my displays so that they align at the top in the display settings
  2. Tick the box in settings in
    [Window Management] → [Window Behavior] → [Advanced] → [Allow apps to remember the positions of their own windows, if they support it]

Other than that I couldn’t find anything that was similar to my issue and therefore no solution.

Any help is appreciated.