KDE Networkmanager can not disable IPv6

Hello everybody,

I am using OpenVPN for IPv4. I disabled or ignored IPv6 in KDE network GUI, because I know that many VPN Services do not support IPv6 yet.

But I checked public IP at https://whatismyipaddress.com that shows IPv6 and IPv4.
That means KDE cannot disable IPv6 without root command or script editierung.
Gnome has the same issue.

Is there a simple GUI to quickly disable or enable IPv6?

You need to use “Disabled” as a Method for your main Ethernet connection. After that you need to restart the connection. Then test it.
You could also create a second connection for your LAN with IPv6 disabled and leave the first untouched. So you can switch between the two connections.
The Ignored Method will not work, it doesn’t disable IPv6.

You can also read this Arch Wiki page for more methods to disable IPv6 completely.

A better solution would be to use a VPN Provider that supports IPv6.

Thank you for the answer.
I know there are methods to disable IPv6 by editing scripts and also root commands.
But I don’t want to turn off IPv6 permanently. I want to enable it again when using without a VPN.
That’s why I’m looking for a simple GUI that enable or disable it quickly. :slight_smile:

I think I should install NordVPN-bin from AUR so that it can disable IPv6, but it is not Open Source :frowning:

Then use two connections. One with the standard setting (IPv4+IPv6) for your LAN and a special connection for IPv4 only. You can then switch between the two connections.

You can also create a Ethernet connection with IPv6 disabled and use “Automatically connect to VPN” (not sure if the KDE/Gnome NM settings have this option, but you can do it with nm-connection-editor )
This way you can create a special Ethernet connection that automatically connects to a VPN, with IPv6 disabled. If you don’t need the VPN switch back to your normal Ethernet connection.

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It works !
But why KDE network manager does not work

There is no “Disabled” option for IPv6.
KDE Networkmanager plasma-nm doesn’t add this option yet.
I will report this issue for Plasma.

New report:

The bug is fixed

I am waiting for release of the current plasma-nm in Manjaro repos.

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