KDE mounts encrypted partition without asking password (after first mounting)

For the first time after system boot KDE asks passwords when mounts encrypted LUKS-partition. But then KDE mounts this partition without asking passwords. Video:


How to disable this? I need KDE to ask passwords every time!

Hi @itnativa,

Check is Kwallet in en- or disabled in System settings:


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I can’t read / understand the language in your video.
What is the meaning of all the words on the dialog where you input your passwords?
There is a (unchecked) checkbox under the first - what does the description say?

at 0:13 and again a different one at 0:20

In Xfce4 and with Thunar as the file manager, there are 3 options:
remember permanently
remember for this session only (till logout)
instantly forget - never remember

I’m pretty sure KDE has the same options somewhere.

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tl;dr: umount != cryptsetup luksClose

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It’s a two step process on the command line:
first open container, then mount
only unmount will not close the container, this has to be done separately

But in Desktops like Xfce with Thunar, it gets properly unmounted and the container is closed too.
Easy to verify by checking with

ls -l /dev/mapper/

before and after unmounting.

But at the password prompt you can choose whether the password will be remembered or not.
I don’t know where it is stored when you opt to have it remembered (per session or permanently).
And I don’t know how this works in KDE.

Well I’m fool :smile:

Thanks everyone.

It’s a pity that KDE has not GUI-functionality for closing LUKS-containers.

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If the mount point is always the same, you can write a small script that monitors for the unmount event, and run the close command to close the container when the drive gets unmounted…inotifyiwait will probably help…

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You may have misunderstood. I don’t believe anyone said that KDE does not have the functionality - only that they don’t know how it works in KDE. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s still possible. I don’t use encryption, so I can’t say for certain either way.


I actually tried with Manjaro Plasma in a VM - I had to USB-redirect my encrypted drive to the VM
but probably because of this I could not unmount it.
The message claimed that some process was still active on the drive.

There was only one checkbox asking whether the password should be remembered - which I left unticked.
Seems that Xfce is actually more sophisticated in this regard.

I used to like XFCE very much, until I didn’t.

Now, I’m unsure of why that was. Wait, yes I do… it was in the middle of the Qt4 to Qt5 transition, and I spat the proverbial dummy over several (probably trivial) issues. :sweat_smile:

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