Kde-mimeapps.list file in /etc/xdg/ crashes geary

Geary 40-alpha from geary-git AUR package crashes because of /etc/xdg/kde-mimeapps.list file. I already report it to the geary developers and they said the file shouldn’t have [Added Associations] section:

I think that’s the real issue here: the Added Associations section shouldn’t be in kde-mimeapps.list. That section adds new associations between MIME types and applications, and it doesn’t make sense for those to be desktop-specific. If you were to run a GNOME desktop as well, Okular would still be a valid program for opening a PDF, for example.
The Default Applications section is appropriate for kde-mimeapps.list.
Can you please file a bug against Manjaro with the above information, and suggest that the associations in the Added Associations section should instead be added to the .desktop files of each application, upstream. I suspect they are already there, in which case the associations in kde-mimeapps.list are redundant anyway.

here is the conversation: geary 40 (alpha) crashes clicking on a link (#2298) · Issues · GNOME / GLib · GitLab