KDE lock screen and waking computer

When I wake the my computer I will press the space bar to wake the computer and then once it is awake I will type in my password. What is happening with KDE is it is registering the spacebar press as a key in the password. Is there a way to disable this?

With Gnome it works as I expect, press space bar to wake the computer then enter the password. I like KDE better except for this particular feature.

Is there a way to change this behaviour?


I’m not sure I understand.

What I read here is that:
For Plasma:

For Gnome:

Isn’t that the same thing?

I wake my Plasma desktop the same way and I don’t have any issues with a “space” being inserted into the password field.

So are you sure the PC is sleeping and not just locked?

thanks for your help and let me try and describe it better.

  1. Leave computer unused
  2. Computer automatically locks
  3. Computer displays background image only, no logon prompt is shown OR screen is black/off
  4. Press spacebar to activate logon prompt and wake computer if screen is black/off
  5. Logon prompt shows and has a first character already entered, the spacebar press i used to wake the computer/show the logon prompt.

Ah yes.

Then they do behave differently.

In Plasma, you can start typing the password (without hitting space) and it will unlock.
Gnome seems to have an extra “lock” so you first have to activate it (maybe it’s a button, I don’t know, I don’t use Gnome) which a press of space would do.

Yep, is there a way to change this behaviour to be the same as Gnome? Surely there is, KDE has a setting for everything?!

Does not seem like there is. Why do you want to press an extra key?

Because sometimes operating systems lag and they miss the first key or two and then my logon fails. I use a mac as well as thats exactly what started happening. I guess I will just have to get used to it if I stay in KDE land.

Or you could (like I do) just move your mouse a bit, which will reveal the password prompt too.

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Or stop pressing spacebar and use a modifier key (alt, ctrl, etc)

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