KDE live session mounting partitions

I have seen some strange behaviour in a KDE live session (USB flash drive): from time to time I saw that in dolphin 1 of the partitions of the main system got mounted. I unmounted the partition and some time later it was mounted again. Has anyone seen something like that? It is unclear to me what could cause that. Should I be worried?

Hi @linux4life, and welcome!

I wouldn’t, if I were you,

AFAIK partitions get auto detected and auto mounted when accessed with the Live environment. So it could simply be something to do with that. Also, a live environment isn’t persistent, no settings or changes to system files will survive a reboot.

That is also what came to my mind as possible explanation. The timing was strange, though, as it was not mounted right after boot. Also it was just that one partition out of 7 or 8. So overall some odd behaviour.

By automounted I meant on access. Which seems like the case here.

Thats the point, I did not try to access it. I only noticed that is was mounted due to the visual hint in dolphin

It might have been Dolphin trying to learn more about the new strange environment it finds itself in…Dolphins are very intelligent, after all, so it might be a tad suspicious…

But, as I said, I wouldn’t worry if I were you. :wink: