KDE Layout Switcher

Are there any plans for a layout switcher in KDE like the one in the Gnome version? I really want to love KDE, but every time I install it on whatever distro it’s almost always the vanilla layout with maybe some light theming. With the layout switcher in Manjaro Gnome (and distros like Zorin and Feren) it’s easy to just click a couple of things and have the layout I like and get to work, even on a fresh install. Just a thought!


What do you mean by layout switching in KDE?

Having curated/pre-selected assortment of Panels and other stuff that you could change all at once? Like a… Global Theme?

Something like that, yes. For example on Feren OS they have saved Latte Dock and panel layouts that switch based on the layout you choose, things like Unity layout, Mac OS with the dock at the bottom and configured top panel, a couple of Windows layouts, etc. I know these aren’t extremely difficult to configure, but can be time consuming to get looking right.

Kind of like Manjaro Gnome has saved configurations and switches on and off different extensions based on the layout you choose. You could do it yourself, but a quick toggle is much more user friendly and approachable.

Just a suggestion though, the devs may not feel like there’s enough demand to implement something like this.

Take a look at PlasmaConfigSaver.
I tried a few different theming/layout options - this catches them all from the terminal/latte/desktop settings to the overall theming and layout.

It’s better than the superficial layout switchers - though, in my opinion, once you get comfortable the most you’ll need is a switcher for the colour scheme for any apps (Guayadeque - talking to you!) that don’t behave… though that can also be solved by launching the application thus: ‘GTK_THEME=Card guayadeque’

The issue I would see here is that the Manjaro team would have to pick and create these layouts from user created themes and extension, and they then should support that. I think the GNOME extensions (and what makes the layouts) are shipped with GNOME, from GNOME, which makes a huge difference. KDE doesn’t ship much in term of customization, and if Manjaro decides to add this kind of ‘easy customization pre-configured stuff’, they then should support it officially, which I don’t think they would want to.

And yeah, it is kinda easy to customize your KDE the way you want (which makes me think, there can be so much different variation of things people would prefer or dislike), from the KDE Store, which then makes kinda unnecessary to add that burden to Manjaro team, with Global Theme it is just kinda what you want already.

But you never know, maybe someone would want to do it.

That sounds like what Global Theme does, doesn’t it?


Yes, when applyng Global Themes it can give the option to apply a layout - but it’s not really what OP wants. He wants a few simple layout options like ‘Gnomish’, ‘Unity’, ‘KDE style’ or ‘Mac style’ - something like that.

It’s fairly simple to do with Latte dock TBH - but I find PlasmaConfigSaver a more complete desktop theme/layout tool… First save a Default (fresh install) then tweak it and save another, then change it to a light theme and save that - and add other options for your ‘KDE’ or ‘Mac’ or ‘Kora’ or whatever.

Can you elaborate more? I still don’t get it. Global Theme without “use desktop layout from theme” is changing everything but the desktop layout, while with that checked it changes the layout as well. Isn’t the former what the OP wants?

j00jitsu would like a dedicated app to switch predefined layouts, but I agree this is already backed in KDE, in the already existing app, search for “Look and Feel” or Global Themes in the application menu (which points to /usr/share/kservices5/kcm_lookandfeel.desktop), just need to install additional Global Themes from KDE Store, It’s all there Global Themes - KDE Store (or under the button at bottom right, Download new Global Themes in Look and Feel), and then select one.

Some suggestions to install for various popular ‘layouts’:

  • Mac like:

  • Windows like:

  • Ubuntu like:

But in the end if some of these were available directly on a fresh install that would mean people would blame Manjaro the day issues would occur from these, or they get removed, and the support burden would be on Manjaro team.

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I’d like to bump this thread once Steam deck and LTT Linux challenging can brings a lot of user to Linux.

Having an easy way to change layout as FEREN offer for KDE allow new users to be more comfortable to try Linux at first time you could play with this feature using LIVE CD/PENDRIVE. I think the focus here is not long time user that can figure out ways to customize their system. Don’t get me wrong, but in general the community always try to answer a questions changing the focus to do something aligned with the way they learned, suggesting try this or try that, this approach is very helpful sometimes but sometimes don’t as for new users case. It can discourage them to use Manjaro because it will confirm that Linux is harder to use compared to windows. If you take into account the amount of options KDE gives the user to customize the system it can be overwhelming. It’s like long term windows users don’t want to waste time learning how Linux work, they just wanna use Linux to do their regular stuffs. Linux appreciation and learning efforts comes after.

So, the answer from Manjaro dev regarding the j00jitsu’s question is: yes or no.

Can Manjaro add a feature to KDE to make it easy and simple change visual style as FEREN does? Yes or No

Note: Once Linux is open source, Manjaro dev can fork the solution made from Feren to reduce the efforts.

We could discuss the Pros and Cons regarding this feature, but major part of the answers changed the focus of original question, and I’m also very interested to have this feature in Manjaro KDE, so I can suggest this Distro to a new user as I do with Feren* and Zorin** because both have this feature for different DE and also I can take advantage of it because sometimes we are lazy and stay with standard configurations with very small customization is very pleasant.

Feren OS: → Settings
→ System Settings
→ Desktop
→ Desktop Layout

  1. Classical
  2. Doors
  3. Human
  4. Mac 'n Cheese
  5. Tablet Mode

Zorin Appearance app lets you change the desktop layout to feel like the environment you’re familiar with, whether it’s Windows, macOS, or Linux."
Source: https://zorin.com/os/

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It’s literally a few clicks away for users, they go to Global Themes, click Get New… then install and apply the theme.

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If it’s so simple for new user, why it isn’t so simple for manjaro dev to add in the regular releases?

Add what? Global theme packages are there and can be installed via Get New Stuff dialog

Maybe @lordsansui is referring to this …
On a side note, @lordsansui can you install those global themes from Feren OS github page?

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Add predefined themes as Feren do, as I posted and as Shirshendu quoted.

Is it so hard to answer with yes or no?

I have been thinking of adding it, but my task list is long.


Thanks for the feedback Chrysostomus, I hope you find time to do it.

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@Chrysostomus , KDE developer made a video reacting about KDE feedback and he gave some indication about KDE updates, one of them is related to floating panel (Latte dock) been integrated to KDE as default, so global theme can benefit from it, it can make your work easier in future regarding layouts.

Note: The KDE review video was made using Manjaro.

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no the video is not about plasma devs integrating Latte in Plasma. The video is about regular plasma panels to support floating as a feature. So floating plasma panels, are not floating latte panels. These two are different.