KDE Konsole Ctrl+C Command for copy?

HI, in the gnome terminal I can easily change Shift+Ctrl+C for copy to Ctrl+C, and the same with the paste command.
After I switched to KDE, I looked in the Konsole settings, but didn’t find any copy or paste commands.
For example, I found in the keyboard settings in the profiles settings, that Backspace-Ctrl = \x7f.
It looks like the ACSII value for the desired command, though I doubt it.
Anyway, is there a way of making Ctrl+Shift+C the break or kill shortcut, and Ctrl+C copy and Ctrl+V paste?
Maybe I add another cell and make it Ctrl+C = a value that represents copy, and the same with paste?
Would appreciate the help, thanks.

You can easily change all shortcuts – just go to Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks for replying @Tomek, but could you elaborate?
I went to Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts and found no Konsole copy and paste.

Just to clarify, you need to go to Konsole settings, not system settings.

Thanks @onnyyonn, but I already did that but found no copy/paste commands to change.

Don’t lie, these options are in Konsole settings (btw I don’t know why I have 2x Copy, maybe it’s glitch or translate issue?, anyway everything works for me).

Yes, there’s a copy/paste, not 2x copy. I think it’s a translation glitch.
Please can you explain the path to entering this window?
I don’t understand how you got there, thanks.

Ok, my bad, I think I’m blind, it’s under Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts, now I understand @Tomek, you meant Konsole Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts
I thought you meant System Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts

Also note that Ctrl+c by default is “used to kill a process with the signal SIGINT, and can be intercepted by a program so it can clean its self up before exiting, or not exit at all.”
So you are losing that unless you somehow reassign it to something custom as well.

The Konsole automatically changed it to Ctrl+Shift+C

that in turn is usually used for copy

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