KDE icons scrambled/reordered after every reboot

I need some support with a very annoying topic:
since one of the latest system updates (must have been 4-6 weeks ago) my desktop icons get scrambled. Seems that the system is forgetting my favourite order of them after every reboot.
Now I get them alphabetical ordered in 2 rows starting from top left of the screen,
Any idea how to overcome this ?

thanks a lot !

Hi @Sacky, and welcome!

This sounds like a configuration being saved problem. I don’t know what else it can be. But Try and delete the cache and see it that helps:

rm -r ~/.cache/*

This deletes everything in the hidden (.) cache directory in your home directory (~/), directories and their contents included, (-r).

Re-login and reconfigure your KDE. see if it helps. If not, I think you’ll have to reset KDE config and start from scratch. More here:

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That suggestion is … a bit overblown.
Thats removing a bunch of stuff that is particular to certain packages and isnt related to cache … the rest is covered rather succinctly (including backups) here:

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meanwhile I found out what triggered the scrambling of the icons: switching my KVM monitor from DP to HDMI (connected to Win Laptop) and back causes this. But only if on HDMI there is a connected device.
Solution: don’t use the KVM switch integrated in my monitor (Gigabyte M27Q). Of course not a good approach.

Nope. That’s a workaround. :wink: