KDE Hibernate confirmation dialog not working

I am using KDE plasma. My hibernate function working fine and save in the swap partition. But when I click Hibernate from the menu button it doesn’t show any confirmation dialog. Confirmation dialog works for other options(reboot, shutdown, etc). In confirmation dialog, it has a hibernate entry but it doesn’t trigger when I click hibernate menu.

How can I enable confirmation dialog for hibernate option?

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 
Host: XPS 13 9370 
Kernel: 5.12.19-1-MANJARO 
DE: Plasma 5.22.4 
WM: KWin
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Thanks for the reply.
Yes, these settings are already checked but have no effect on hibernation.

  • Set them to something else
  • apply
  • set them back


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Maybe I’m misunderstanding your issue. Can you describe your issue differently?


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Yup, here is my problem.
This is my Leave menu:

If I click any item from the menu, it shows this confirm dialog with 30s timer:

But the only item that doesn’t work is Hibernate
When I click hibernate, it directly initiates the hibernation process without any confirmation.
From the confirmation dialog, I can see there is a hibernate option but it was not called during the click event.
This confirmation is important for me because sometimes I wrongly click hibernate option and it directly goes to hibernation and I have to wait to start again.

I have checked this file from breeze theme:
but coudn’t find any hibernateRequested() method call for the menu item.

Ah! That is by design!

If you want to hibernate, you want it right now, just before your battery runs out.

I think you’re in for a feature request over at the KDE developers!

  • File a bug
  • Take the correct application
  • Set the severity to Wish list


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Opps, thanks for the information.

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