KDE has applied the dark theme partially

I’ve installed KDE on top of Gnome DE, maybe it’s due to conflicting packages. Whenever I apply any dark theme, let’s say breeze-dark it gets applied partially, the system settings and dolphin both stays white. And also, I do not have any option such as GTK themes under application style.

That is not the case here. The conflict resides strictly in user home file configs when mixing DEs.

Restart the applications. Sometimes a log out and back in are required.

Is at the bottom of Settings window


and due to the change in KDE Plasma, only GTK3 will work properly in some cases.

Also, please take a look at this and the rest of the conversation.

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Hi, Thanks for the solution! I had actually restarted my laptop quite a lot of time.
I’ve Installed the Kvantum Manager and can confirm that the theme applied from there works on the applications but not from the global settings manager. It’s a little bit inconsistent. Thanks

That comes from installing KDE Plasma on top of GNOME that deals with Qt5 theme applications differently. That also makes it to take precedence over other settings …

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