KDE Global Scaling / Save display properties

Hey, I’m just looking to clarify if something is a bug or my lack of understanding of the setting.

I have a laptop with a 4K screen and I also have a monitor with a 1440p screen. When plugged in to the monitor I leave the laptop screen disabled as I use a eGPU and if I use the internal screen it unfortunately causes the performance of both screens to be terrible.

Using the “global scale” option works well for be in pretty much all areas - I set it to 200% when using the laptop screen and 100% when using the monitor, but I have to change this setting and reboot each time I swap between docked and undocked.

There is a setting to save the display properties but having it set to “For this arrangement only” does not seem to save anything. Is this a bug, or is it intended to save a different setting?


Hi @bmd ,
did you find a solution?

I have the same problem, trying to save different global scale for specific display arrangements (laptop with and without external display), but it saves scale always globally for all the arrangements.
Or does it mean, that Global scale is meant as global setting no matter what you saved for the specific display arrangement?

Now I have to manually set scale and reboot every time I connect/disconnect external display, what is pretty uncomfortable…

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Suffering from the same issue as well.

even better would be the ability to scale the displays individually. Dr. G pointed me to xrandr but that doesn’t seem to be installed and I don’t fully understand how all the display related applications interact.

Me too. The Global scale works perfect but I think either it should save the individual configuration or say that it will not support individual config.