`KDE global menu widget' and `titlebar application menu button' broken with krita 5.1.1 release, 5.1.1 plus and 5.2.x next except official appimages

tldr my current workaround is to use the official krita appimages. (krita release, krita plus, krita next)

Previously, in krita 5.1.0, the global menu widget works correctly. Updating to 5.1.1, now the global menu widget do not display anything. also, the titlebar application menu button is nonresponsive - nothing happens when clicked.

this issue occurs in the krita build of the official manjaro repos, the builds and pkgbuilds by zlnf on AUR (krita-plus-bin, krita-plus-git, krita-next-bin, krita-next-git). this issue does not occur for any of the official krita appimages (see tldr). i don’t use flatpak.

for reference here’s the global menu widget working in krita 5.1.1 plus appimage:

and here’s the titlebar application menu button working in krita 5.1.1 plus appimage:

i’ve thought of reporting this to upstream but decided against it because it’s not exactly obvious which software is the problem, if its an upstream issue at all.

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I can confirm the problem. Krita does not show a global menu anymore on my system either, and there’s also no way of making it display a menu by any other means.

there’s one workaround i forgot to write:

(in KDE) go into system settings → startup and shutdown → background services → then halt the application menus daemon which affects all applications’ window menu. you may need to relaunch krita or relogin or restart. for reference:

this completly disable global menu widget but ensures applications to always show the hidden window menu, kinda like how default firefox currently works when you press ALT.

Update: recently, i’ve updated my system and everything works again. possibly because of the arrival of the new KDE release. :sunglasses:

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