KDE> Firefox 90, I can't restore my old Scrollbar after the new stable update

I disabled Proton layout since 1 month ago with:
browser.proton.contextmenus.enabled = false
browser.proton.doorhangers.enabled = false
browser.proton.enabled = false
browser.proton.modals.enabled = false

And i also could restore my windows7 scrollbar layout 1month ago with:
widget.non-native-theme.enabled = false

I rechecked my commands and they are still in about:config after the new “Stable Update” that comes out 2 days ago, but anyhow they looks inactive now :frowning:

A few webpages still show the win7 scrollbar but on the most webpages i have the “breeze” scroolbar… forum.manjaro.org is also using the breeze scrollbar layout.

Solution for native scrollbar:

native scrollbar from your default GTK Layout, i had Windows-7-2.1 so you need to adjust this for your GTK Style in Appearance: Application Style>Gnome/GTK Appication Style .

In about:config you have to change:

widget.non-native-theme.enabled = false
widget.content.gtk-theme-override = Windows-7-2.1

Optional Scrollbar thickness size 12>24 or 48:
widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size = 24

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