KDE file picker different from Dolphin

Can someone help me by pointing me to (not too technical) a refernce that talks about what is used in our Manjaro KDE as a “File Picker”?

I have apps that I use where I cannot reach my networked NAS, even though I see it and can get to it through a configured Dolphin File Manager.

I have read a bit, and understand some of the things at play. But I cannot even have a discussion about it if I do not know how or what to look at as far as the configuration of whatever is used for the purposes of saving and opening files on my beautiful system.

Dolphin (Places and bookmarks, shows Network)

File Picker looks like a completely OTHER computer HD.


Kindly move this request elsewhere if it gums-up development. However, I posted here because I want to reference the file picker associated with this latest release please. Thank you!

You should not post this kind of thread inside a post in the announcement thread. Open your own thread (but I’m sure this will get split to its own thread) instead of hijacking the announcement thread…

File pickers can depend on the application that use it, some use the KDE or GNOME one, or even their own file picker.

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Hi Zeddock,

as omano points out, File pickers can or ARE depend on the application, asaik, there is no The file picker that is used everytime. Look at the icon in the left corner - it uses the System X - icon. (Sorry I can’t be more precise, I’m not in front of a Manjaro maschine at work…)

Thank you for the response!

So, it seems that icon means something to you?

Even if I could find the file pickers being used, maybe I could FIND my networked drive and add them to Places?

Thanx again.

What if you type the path of your NAS in the address?

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That should work, but unlike many Linux users, I dont spend much time on the keyboard.

I have now mounted it properly after a few hours looking at a bunch of information. With my limited knowledge it seemed like there was conflict between Arch, Manjaro, and fstab/mount in general, but perhaps that is because of updates.

I ended up using: /home/JimBobBoy/NAS_LINK nfs4 defaults,_netdev 0 0
(ip & user changed for security)

It seems to be working pretty well so far, even though I think I got lucky!

I am intrigued with lazytime but didn’t want to push my luck!

I share the NAS between my Manjaro and Windows 10 boxes, and so far this seems to work. The only issue is Dolphin knowing when to refresh. (Sometimes I change files or folders and I have to manually get the change to show up.)

I also read about putting this under a pre-defined file and using systemd to make it work. It says it will be less dangerous than messing with fstab, but I could not figure it out! A lot of back and forth too, with WHERE the thing should be mounted because of temp/permanent, etc.

The stuff is beyond me, but right this second I have gotten past my desire to have a universal file-picker by way of mounting the NAS in my fstab file.

If any one has an idea how a filepicker could be set as the default, (even though it seems each app can call on their own,) I would welcome that. I think a file-picker should be universally common within the OS flavor, IF A USER WANTS that behavior. While allowing an app to have their own rolled picker if the need is there.

Frankly, I am a bit surprised there is not already an override for this in Manjaro, but I am guessing ti is pretty difficult to get in the middle of all apps calling for a file-open or file-save.

Thanx for the follow-up @omano