KDE Desktop Sound for a Popup Window (delete question) , no longer played

Since few month ago, the little sound feedback from deleting a file just muted on my PC and Laptop after a stable update, i no longer get this little sound played, befor i delete a file.

Btw. Sound in General is working okay on both machines.

Im using LTS 6.01 on PC and 5.15 on Laptop.

What is also strange, the feedback/notify KDE Desktop sound is working when i cutoff AC or Plugin AC on my Laptop.

Have you checked the notification settings? The update may have changed a few settings.

yeah, i was looking into that… and the feedback sound on this testfile is played… im not sure if i watch on the right spott in Notification>Plasma Workspace>question.

This issue occurred since the second last or third last stable update on PC and Laptop and i wasnt changing anything manually, all what i did was doing the updates on this devices.

Well, I’ve just tried it here — I don’t normally have a sound enabled for a question being asked — and I can confirm that it does not work, but that the test sound file itself does work.

So it’s probably just a KDE bug, introduced when we switched over to Plasma 5.27. Unfortunately, that sort of thing does happen. :man_shrugging:

So, nothing i can do against it and hope it get fixed in future?

Well, you could always file a bug report at bugs.kde.org of course, but don’t expect them to jump on it right away. It may even have already been reported earlier — make sure you do a search before filing a bug report.

Likewise, you can also try your luck at the new KDE Discuss forum… :arrow_down:


Yea it’s not just in Manjaro, it’s all with Plasma as the desktop.

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