KDE desktop is shifted

Help my wallpaper is shifted and for some reason.
and changing the wallpaper won’t help
And with deeper inspection I saw that obs says that the background is much bigger then what i saw
and this is fixed by changing the res to 1920x1080 and back to my usual res
this only helps for the current session so if i logout it will be exactly like that
does anyone have a permanent fix for me please?
btw this happend after an update
(Sorry for bad grammer i typed this at 12)
And i cant send images for some reason help
Just maybe if you can help me with discord i would highly appreciate it! or even here but


Please split your different questions to separated threads. That will make a bigger chance to get questions answered.


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Hello and welcome,

Please consider to follow this guide on how to provide the technical information we nee in order to help you:

What is the issue with it?

Thank you for compliance!

I changed my mind its fixed
and i should’hv
asked kde not manjaro