KDE Cursor switches Style when pointing on Desktop

I have installed a Cursor theme on my KDE Manjaro. It works fine and looks good in most cases. But if the Cursor hovers over the Desktop or the Windows bar it suddenly changes size and appearence to the KDE classic cursor theme which I didnt select at any time.
Applying the normal Breeze Cursors again it doesnt work anymore and still has the cursor switching problem.

Hello Saaabo,
I had the same issue and found a solution on reddit, it is fixed by:

open /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme in a text editor
change Inherits=Adwaita
to: Inherits=breeze_cursors

You should then have the normal (dark) breeze cursor.
Best Regards, Julius

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Had you restarted after changing cursor themes? I had the same thing, it sorted after I restarted.

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A restart didnt help

This helped as far as the size stayed the same and the cursor was the standard cursor therme

But I had an other cursor pack selected. So now the cursor switch between the breeze and my selected ones. Where can I found out what to write in Inherits= “My cursor foobar” ?

what is the name of your cursor pack?

you can see the installed themes by typing
ls /usr/share/icons/
For me the output is for example

Adwaita breath2 breeze breeze_cursors gnome locolor whiskermenu-manjaro.svg
Breeze_Snow breath2-dark breeze-dark default hicolor manjaro

you should just be able to copy the name of your cursor theme and do what I wrote above.

Best Regards, Julius

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Just saying that you can also create the ~/.icons/default/index.theme file in your home directory and add the following to that file:

[Icon Theme]

That way, you don’t have to modify system files to accomplish the same solution, especially on a single user system.

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