Kde connect remote input

Kde connect remote input is not working i am using Android 12 no prompt for remote input confirmation is shown and nothing happens on moving cursor with kde connect

Show a screenshot of your Plugin settings page, both sides, especially Virtual input on computer side and Remote input on phone side.

both options are checked on remote input on android and virtual input on pc ,sorry can’t share screenshots ,i am getting an error “can’t embed images in a post”

Does other operations such as clipboard sharing and file transfer work?

Yes they working as normal,i remember on endevour os a popup asking for confirmation when we try to use remote input feature but on manjaro i am not getting any popup asking for permission

Kde connect doesn’t ask for accessibility service in new update can it be an issue

Could be, as explained in the docs. I don’t recall granting it again, though. I granted it long time ago and it survives updates.

Can something be missed on manjaro by default i did clean install manjaro recently and dk if something is missing required by these apps