KDE Connect on PineBook Pro?

Good evening ARM Master Race Crew. I see some threads about KDE connect not working… I gave up on my end. Is there any documentation about this? I logged into my Steam Deck and KDE connect worked without any poking prodding when pairing to my phone. On my Pinebook Pro is where it seems like a dead end. Any input/advice would be appreciated. I’m currently on the unstable branch : )

  • James

kdeconnect is in the repos for KDE and the GSConnect extension can be installed on GNOME. I use the latter.

What do you mean by dead end?

My devices (PBP and IPhone) are on the same network but nothing seems to make them visible to each other. I’ll try turning off the PBP firewall…

Disabling the firewall solved the issue. I tried putting in the UFW firewall rules a week or so ago and could not get it to work.

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