KDE Connect not pairing while VPN is connected

I just installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on my laptop. I’m running a VPN with OpenVPN on both my laptop and my phone. When I try to pair my phone to my laptop with KDE Connect it doesn’t work. When I turn off my VPN, they connect to each other fine. How do I get my phone and laptop to connect while my VPN is on?

I do not use KDE or this program - I just read a little … and found this:

KDEConnect - KDE UserBase Wiki

Maybe it s helpful.

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I don’t know how the OpenVPN program itself works, but with Mullvad’s VPN program, there is a toggle to allow Local Network Sharing. You probably need to turn that on for OpenVPN.

Edit: Should have mentioned, that is how I got KDE Connect to work on my Android phone and Manjaro.

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Thanks, I will look to see if I can find something like that.