KDE Connect laptop to Raspberry Pi

I’m trying to connect my laptop to my Raspberry Pi on the same network using KDE connect to transfer files between them and on both ends they don’t discover each other.

I have a phone on the same network too and its readily detected both on the laptop and on the Pi and I can connect to it, copy clipboard etc.

Does anyone know if this functionality is just not supported? A search on the internet seems to indicate this is possible, not sure what I’m doing wrong here -

I can ping RPi from laptop and vice-versa, SSH to RPi from Laptop, have whitelisted the entire LAN in both places.

Appreciate ideas on how to debug, alternatives.

Why not use scp or sftp — both are built into ssh — to transfer files between them, then?


Why though? You can use 10 other, better options.

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Thanks @Aragorn and @zbe , yes I can use scp and use “fish://” protocol from Dolphin and have in the past. The only quibble I have is that the best speed I can get with them is about 2 MBps.

I’m hoping KDE connect does it better because its within the local network. I’ve used the Pi SD card directly on the laptop and can get 20MBps. And I know my WiFi can do at least that.

So, I’m happy to do scp but not sure how to get better speeds.

Any protocol you use within local network will be within local network. :stuck_out_tongue: You can also try sshfs, nfs or samba.


Tried a bunch of different protocols and all of them ended up with more or less the same speed. I suspect even with a class 10 SD card with the RPi there are limitations that just cannot be overcome with just software alone.

Could not get KDE connect to work between laptop and RPi but Dolphin + fish:// protocol I was using previously is the option I’d go with. Those on other DE’s can try wrapinator (available as flatpak) for file transfer.

Not a real answer to getting KDE connect working as stated in the subject line, but hopefully the answers above help others in a similar situation.

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