KDE change to look and run like macOS?

Can it be done for KDE, and what are the best/easiest tools etc to achieve it? Look, dock, icons everything.


Not sure why you want to mimic MacOS exactly, but there’s a ton of tutorials on how to do it. Also, I believe the Support category is for technical difficulties only (?)

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Yep I’ve seen that one…and yes it IS a technical difficulty for me, maybe not for you??

I have tried this in the past and not had a lot of success, as in you apply this stuff and it’s not really what you think…but anyway thanks.

Oh as to the why? because I like it.

PS: and I’d prefer not to use YT tutorials, I prefer print versions. Google search always seem to come back to the same old ones, your link included!

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Sure thing. Have you tried a dedicated KDE distribution using pacman and makepkg which - judged by the images on their web - looks very macOS like - one like https://kaosx.us/

Manjaro has a highly integrated KDE theme thanks to the work of the Manjaro-Team.

There are members of this forum with years of KDE experience and such experience only comes with dedication to experiment and to learn from your failure and keep going when it gets hard, then push yourself harder.

R&D - Research and Development

There is no easy tool - only hard work.

Desktop environments like KDE and Gnome has a tight integration between components and unless the components intended to be added has the same tight integration there is always a chance that something breaks on update.

Many members of this forum has the drive to continue - but there is also those - who would rather copy paste and grunt when it is not working.

Source for the Whitesur theme by Vince (this guy is very good)

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Which part u find hard?

The WhiteSur theme for KDE is in the AUR.


You don’t even need the AUR, KDE already has a theme store to download Global Themes.

Thanks for that - yes R+D, I’ve been doing it haha! Trying to find a sort of “all in one package” so to speak, where the desktop, dock the “bouncing icons”, etc etc all get installed in one go. I am finding I need to bring in things from here there and everyywhere, unless of course I am looking in the wrong places and at the wrong things…TOTALLY possible hahaha!

I think that White Sur one I have tried, but I didn’t get the dock or the upper bar…talking of which, another issue I am having is when adding the “Add Panel” control sometimes I have accidentally created them on the sides as well as the top, but I cannot find a way to remove them? Even under the Edit tab on the panel there is no remove option… so I’m sort of stuck there too :smiley:

Anyhoo, thanks for the thoughts and the links.


Well, maybe wrong term perhaps? Not so much hard as finding one that truly transforms into a MacOS look and operation, you know cursors, Dock, dock icons with the animations, top bar, removal of the bottom task bar etc etc.

I cannot seem to find an “all in one” setup. Most of the google searches load up “how-to’s” but very few, in fact none I found for KDE, well that I understood at any rate haha!

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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Yes they do, but nothing there really nails it tbh.

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Further, when I try to get this task done, I get to these sites, and it’s "install this, download that, adjust this, drag and drop this, transfer this, and on and on and on…and even though (afaik) I follow the directions it never does what is expected.

I guess that’s why I say it is difficult? I have not found ONE that just does the setup for you, the dock, the animations, the icons, desktop without a myriad set of steps and procedures, any one of which, if done incorrectly, snafus the rest.

I even looked at Zorin OS, premium version that purportedly has a MACOS setup, and I paid for it, but even it doesn’t do it.

Maybe I should re-visit a Hackintosh system…I really like the whole feel and look of MACOS, but I’ve never been able to afford it, and I really detest Windows and MS in general, so I thought maybe a Linux setup with a MACOS feel. But it’s all just too hard I think, well for me anyway hahaha!

Thanks to all for your attempts to help :slight_smile: