KDE can not open video MP4 in Android when using USB connection


KDE connects to Android smartphone via a USB cable with MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).
KIO (KDE Input Output) has no issue with pictures JPG, PNG and GIF in Android.
Thumbnail preview of pictures shows well and can be opened by Gwenview in Dolphin.

But KIO has the problem with videos MP4, WebM and other formats in Android.
All thumbnail previews of video does not display. Any video can not be opened by SMPlayer in Dolphin.

Do you have the same problem too?

Stable branch of Manjaro
Latest version of KDE plasma


Open the Androïd in new window and reading the videos with VLC, maybe to be good. GuY.

but your video is transferred to your local ~/.cache/kioexec/krun, then it is opened by VLC or MPV player. SMPlayer can not open it in Android, not your local. But you manually delete these video in your local.

Gnome nautilus works fine with accessing the vídeo in Android via MTP, no need to transfer to your local.

I created new issue ticket in 434224 – No video thumbnails in Android and any video can not be opened

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