KDE, brightness adjust by itself after suspension/sleep

Hello, I’d like to ask the community if anyone knows about this issue.

I’ve noticed that when my system goes to sleep or when the power-save settings automatically turns off my monitor while it’s idle, I wake up the system and every time the brightness is set to a lower value by itself (specifically 24), whereas I usually keep it at 80.

I’ve tried this on different desktop computers running Manjaro KDE. One has an NVIDIA proprietary driver, and the other has an AMD GPU, yet both have the same behavior."

When the screen is in dim state that works fine, it goes from dim to 80 value.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue a few months ago & fixed it via:

System Settings => Power Management => Energy Saving & disabling the “Dim screen” option.

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Thanks for the help. I should have realised it by myself. :sweat_smile:. If this is a KDE issue I hope KDE plasma 6 fixes this, even though it is not such an important feature.

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