KDE blackscreen after logout then login


I am using KDE Plasma 5.20.3 after Manjaro update with the stable branch.
I tried logout then login, but it shows the black screen with cursor. I can not open terminal or krunner.
This issue is only using Xorg after logout then login. Wayland works fine. Login with Xorg after restart works fine.

It does not help me.

I am using AMD rx5700.

Does someone have the same issue?

Sorry for my bad English

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Ah it works but it takes more than 5 mins waiting, then desktop appears normal!
It takes very short time or more than 5 mins, that’s random.

I tests it on virtual machine, it has the same issue.

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I checks KDE Neon with the same Plasma version on VM, it has no issue.
I think there is some bug in Manjaro…

Did you try with a reboot?

Yes, I wrote “… Login with Xorg after restart works fine.”

It’s not a bug then.

You should always reboot after updates to kernel, firmware and Desktop Environments, to make sure that all the files get initialized correctly.

Yes, I did. The issue is always there when you log out then log in.