KDE Application Launcher Enter key on Sleep does not work

It seems impossible to execute Sleep / Restart / Shutdown buttons without using a mouse.
When typing Super-key the Application Launcher opens, down-arrow moves selection to e.g. the Sleep button. Then Enter moves the selection up.

To me this seems a bug. But where to report this upstreams? KDE or KDE Plasma or ?? I am looking for an URL,


Try using Space instead Enter. BTW I use Ctrl+Alt+del to show the “Log out” menu.

Wow, space the final frontier! Who would have thought! thanks

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I never even bothered with this - yes, the menu is clunky (for example, using arrow keys to hit enter to enter a program) and seems to me rather an unnecessary item when you have krunner.

  • Hitting Alt+Space and typing ‘sleep’ is supremely familiar.
  • Try mapping a command for sleep to a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+Pause for a single stroke.

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