KDE and i3 user login

Hi all, first of all if this is in the wrong channel I apologize in advance. I have one user on a KDE install and want to experiment with i3, so the question is what is the easiest/best way of doing this without breaking my install, and without running in a VM. Ideally I would like my KDE and i3 user login to have exactly the same access to exactly the same apps and data.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps with this


All you need to do is install the i3 package, then you will have to select which DE/WM you want to run at the bottom left corner of your login screen. Iā€™m currently experimenting with the awesome wm and absolutely nothing broke. Actually you can install as many DE or WM as you want, the only thing you might need to do is modify your .xinitrc file, check the arch wiki to know more