KDE Address Book - Missing CSV Export and Import

Good Evening,
Working with some vcf files. I wanted to import vcf files into KDE’s address book app and found I could not export them as a csv file. Their documentation make numberous references to it being under File → Export, but the only options are vcf. Wondering if I am missing something.
Thank you again

In many cases, the documentation at kde.org is unfortunately hopelessly outdated. I’m afraid the ability to export to CSV has already long been gone from kaddressbook. :man_shrugging:

Well hell. That’s unfortunate. Anyone know of an address book program that does?

Well, indirectly, there’s a way. There’s a package called abook in the AUR, which is a text-mode address book for mutt, but it can be used standalone as well, and it can import VCF and export to CSV.

I’ve also taken a look at thunderbird, but apparently the ability to export to CSV has already been dropped from that one as well by now. So you can use abook as an intermediate step for the conversion. It has a man page, so you can do it all from the command line in a single go.

pamac build abook

I’ll have to take a look at abook. What I can’t figure out is why they are dropping csv export, so useful.

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