KDE 5.23 has released in Arch stable

RT: When will be manjaro ready ?

name: plasma-desktop
description: KDE Plasma Desktop
version: 5.23.0
pkgrel: 2
repo: extra
url: Arch Linux - plasma-desktop 5.23.0-2 (x86_64)

As per usual … Things generally trickle from Arch>Manjaro-Unstable>Manjaro-Testing>Manjaro-Stable.

So … its currently in Unstable, and you can either switch to that branch or wait.


How do you know KDE 5.23 is available in the Unstable branch ? Is there a way to know what packages are available in Unstable ?

Hi @Kurdt67, and welcome!

See Manjaro - Branch Compare


Thank you very much for that fast reply ! So unstable branch is pretty close to Arch repo. Do you know if there is a delay for the Unstable branch to get the package once it has been release in the Arch repo ?

I updated yesterday and got the 5.23 in unstable

It goes Arch stableManjaro-UnstableManjaro-TestingManjaro-Stable as @cscs mentioned earlier in the thread.

You are on the Unstable branch, I assume. Do you have more problems with updates or packages or anything related to that? I’m on Testing and don’t have any stability problem whatsoever.

How would you consider the stability of Unstable ?

I haven’t noticed any issues at all.I’ve been on unstable about a year now and haven’t had any issues.

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Okay. Thank you all for your replies.

I am very annoyed about the new kickoff which is very crowded compare to 5.22

What are you annoyed about ?

Probably that thing they said.

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Ok your right, that must be it. I’m installing it right now. It just came up in the testing branch. Is there really any big new features ?

It’s all in their website Plasma - 25th Anniversary Edition - KDE Community

and it is buggy:

As stated elsewhere you can always use the ‘classic’ style, or any number of other variants … you dont need to use KDE’s new default. The one I am using ‘unibody’ hasnt even been updated for 2 years … and works fine.

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