Kde 21.3 installation freezes halfway through. Unable to install

I installed the Kde 21.3 Iso on a proper functioning usb stick. Everything went smooth, but halfway through the installation, it froze completely. Only a hard power off, could get my computer functioning again. Anyone else experienced this problem?

could be a corrupted iso… also use ventoy to flash iso…


how long did you wait?
I’ve installed the latest KDE now for testing purposes several times from the same Sandisk USB stick without issues.

But the package installer does not move in the middle at about 40-50% for almost a minute until it continues.
I would expect that this even takes longer on a slower USB stick.

The overall time for the install is less than 15 Minutes.

I will try and flash the ISO again on my usb stick. And I will wait longer to see if it picks up again after a pause in the middle. I will use another usb stick as well. Thansk for tips guys. I will report back later… and glad to read that my error was a fluke, an exception.