KCalc loading cpu at 100%

Hi, I experiencing 100% cpu load(one core) when running KCalc.
Can someone test this and report back?
Any solutions?

If this is a bug where I can report it?

There are some entries at the KDE Bugtracking System for kcalc.

What I gleamed from those bug reports: resizing might help temporarily and it could be x11 vs wayland related.

I love it, I love it, I’ve only used Plasma since Gnome came out of 3, but there’s one thing that sucks about Plasma and it’s kcalc, i’m use gnome-calculator

T+ = See you later

another fine calculator is speedcrunch - also a native qt app


If you are looking for alternatives. I’m using galculator :slight_smile: It was the closest to KDE 4’s KCalc. I’m on XFCE now, but came from KDE 4.

Wow, actually the finest desktop calculator would be Qalculator.
You can get it with GTK or QT.
Mine’s QT, and it’s bound to my calculator shortcut. It’s very sweet, easy to customise and works REALLY well.

I use it with hidden keypad.