KCalc crash when calculate sin(2)

KCalc print this in Konsole

free(): invalid next size (fast)
zsh: IOT instruction (core dumped)  kcalc

This also crash plasmashell when I put =sin(2) in application launcher search bar

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Sounds like a bug. This also happens to me. It seems this happens when you use sin() with any number too…

Here you go https://bugs.kde.org/

I have this issue too, sin() and tan() function seems to close kcalc

I made a bug report

Aparently gnutls (3.7.5-1) breaks kcalc which should be fixed in next version 3.7.5-2:


Same gnutls bug that breaks kmymoney (bug 453857) and the calculator runner (bug 454006). On Arch it should be fixed with 3.7.5-2

Interesting… strange that an SSL library breaks a calculator!

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