Kate (without KDE) icons missing

Because I have a small amount of RAM, I wanted to switch from xfce desktop to enlightenment. So at this time I’ve got both desktop, and I can choose the one I want when loggin in.

I’m using kate in my workflow, and when I’m under the enlightenment session, nearly all kate icons are missing (only git icon is still here in the sidebar, everywhere else I’ve no icon at all).

Returning in xfce session, I get most of the icons back (in the sidebar, “project” icon is still missing).

My question is: How do I get back my kate icons even under enlightenment session ? I suppose they exists, because kate find them under xfce session, but I don’t know what to do so that kate find them also in an enlightenment session (same user).

Side notes :

    • While in enlightenment, lauching kate from console gives me an error message :

    QApplication: invalid style override ‘gtk2’ passed, ignoring it. Available styles: kvantum-dark, kvantum, qt5ct-style, Windows, Fusion

    I can get rid of this message launching kate with

    QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE="kvantum" kate
    (or any other style_override param). But still I have no icons.

  • While in enlightenment, I played a bit with theming, and this had the effect to change the kate icons I have in my xfce session (they were not those blue ones, and the “project” icon was not missing). This doesn’t bother me a lot, through I don’t know how to revert this.

Kate, being outside KDE,QT is trying to fall back to gtk2, which xfce provides, enlightenment does not.

I suppose you might be best helped by peering at the archwiki E page under ‘themes’

Enlightenment - ArchWiki

kvantum is yet another framework that you can use to theme QT applications, which has its own configuration. You can see the wiki page here

Kvantum - Manjaro