Kate - run script, command in embedden terminal

Hey, guys,

I’m a developer and I want to switch from microsoft vscode to kate.

I need to set one feature. In external tools I found a tool "run shell script" which is similar to what I need.

I need run script in the embedded terminal and not run an external console instance.

In general, I need to map a keyboard shortcut to run the script, or command in the embedded konsole.

How do I do this?

Thank you


Then external tool is not the way to go, it doesn’t have access to the embedded terminal. Both are separate plugin that don’t interact each other. At best, it can run non-interactively in its own pane.

You can do the former by pressing Ctrl+Alt+, or if you prefer the mouse way: Settings->Configure Keyboard Shortcuts, then select whatever external tools you want and set the shortcut yourself. Instead of “run shell script”, just add your own. For example, this is mine to compile Pascal code:

The “Display in Pane” will allow me to see compiler output in the same location where the embedded terminal is but it’s not inside the embedded terminal (it will be in External Tools tab instead of Terminal, see screenshot again), everything else should be straightforward.