Katago gpu help

Hi everyone, so I have a problem with the gpu, this helps me to run katago opencl, I have an amd radeon vega 8 Graphics, how can I make it work?

You may need to install the mesa-nonfree codecs, which you can find (with instructions) here.

I installed them but they don’t solve the problem

Have you rebooted in the meantime?

Yes, I restarted the system but nothing

Well, I’m afraid I cannot offer any more help at this point. Hopefully someone more experienced with graphics and/or gaming will pitch in. :man_shrugging:

Proprietary components can be added with:
For OpenCL runtimes:

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Have you tried installing katago-opencl from the AUR? :arrow_down:

pamac build katago-opencl

I’m not familiar with this software, so maybe you also need katago-cpu. In that case, you can install both of them at the same time… :arrow_down:

pamac build katago-opencl katago-cpu

… or alternatively… :arrow_down:

yay -S katago-opencl katago-cpu

But before you do this, make sure your system is fully up to date… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu

AUR package katago-opencl 1.11.0-1 has been out of date since v1.12 released in January
but AUR package has not been flagged as out of date until 2023-09-25

Latest version v1.13.2 released 25 May 2023