Kanna GTK3 theme


I’ve published the initial release of my GTK3 theme, called Kanna

It’s an hard fork of Mint-Y darker theme.

I need testers. I test it only on XFCE 4.16 with CSD disabled.
Testing also on other DEs will be appreciate.

A GTK4 version is NOT in working at the moment.

Colors variants are easy to do on this theme, I will made some variants for my daily use, and a dark variant in the future

I hope you like it and that you will try it.


Hi @salome,
I installed the theme on the xfce 4.16 desktop and Manjaro and works pretty well.

Hope this help, regards.

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Thank you so much!

CSD seems to work as expected.

I upload a small update:

  • Fixed openbox and metacity themes (not tested)
  • initial Cinnamon support (copy-paste of Mint-Y dark, it also needs testing)

Last changelog:


  • entry-box borders focused fixed
  • various minor fixes gtk2-gtk3
  • added dark theme

Hi @salome,
I am sending a screenshot of the

dark theme.



Thank you, it seems to work pretty well
Maybe I’ll make the border colors even more darker.

I don’t see any major issue in both darker and dark theme.
Please report if you find any sort of bug or if you have any suggestion.
I also need to test it in other DEs, especially I’d like to see how it works on Cinnamon and Budgie.

Once these tests will be done, I’ll move to the next phase and I’ll do some colors variants that I intend to use for my daily Linux routine.

I’m not planning to release a GTK4 version anytime soon, I need to study how to port GTk3 themes to GTK4 themes in a easy way before

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Last changelog:

  • Everything tested only on XFCE 4.16
  • little fixes & improvements
  • darker borders in dark theme
  • initial Telegram desktop support (folder: Kanna/telegram)

Last changelog:

#Everything tested only on XFCE 4.16#

  • GTK borders are a little bit darker
  • minor fixes in GTK2 ann GTK3
  • Fixes on Telegram Desktop, added support for Telegram on Android, both still on beta, but work quite good (folder: Kanna/telegram)

2022.01.297 days ago

TESTED on : XFCE 4.16 , MATE 1.26

  • minor fixes
  • add new color variant Kanna-Buntu (the telegram theme desktop for this variant it’s not in the works at the moment, because I have to apply some color fixes in the original one before working on it)