K3b can’t burn ISO image

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I found various helpful hints in there which condensed to the following procedure to easily fix the problem:

  • Open K3b menu Settings->Configure K3b,
  • click section Programs,
  • tab Permissions

In the “new permissions” column you see various change suggestions. Simply press the “Change Permissions…” (“Berechtigungen ändern” in german) button to fix them.

You should be asked for your password and be done.

If not, 2nd Step:

In my case the helper, that is to ask for the password seems to have moved. You can find the current location using

locate k3bhelper

in my case it is in /usr/lib/

The problem is, that the configuration file used to locate this has another location set.

Fix it using

sudo vi /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.kde.k3b.service

and change the Exec= line to the current location of the helper:

[D-BUS Service]

After that, press the “Change Permissions…” button in k3b again to fix the permissions.

Hope this helps anybody.


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