Just wanted to show my love for Manjaro XFCE!

Hi all,

I’ve been using Manjaro XFCE for nearly two months now and after having tweaked it quite a bit, I finally got everything set up the way I want.

I’ve set up VS Codium with a beautiful theme that matches the matcha sea green. It greets me when I open up with bpytop from the xfce terminal (I also have alacritty for use with Vim).

I set up Vim extensions everywhere (Vimium in the browser, Vim in Codium).

I set up keyboard shortcuts so XFCE can act sort of like a TWM (vim navigation keys snap windows to edges of screen and keyboard bindings for nearly all my programs all accessed with the Super Key + first letter of program…and yes, Super+Enter gives me the Terminal Emulator) (and I just discovered it comes prepackaged with i3 as well, which I have yet to play around with, but will).

For some security, I’ve got protonvpn set up as well as ufw (I’ll get around to learning iptables).

For more basic text editing, I like vim, but I’ve also got micro which is like nano but better imho.

For browsing, I’ve downloaded and hardened Librewolf for general browsing and also have Firefox Developer Edition as I learn how to code JavaScript (both Librewolf and Firefox have Manjaro matcha dark sea theme installed as well). And also I have the Tor Browser if I ever need to see what I wish I could unsee…

I have Irssi for chat, but almost never use it honestly.

I also like to make comics from time to time, so I also have Krita, Inkscape, and Gimp. These programs have happily allowed me to relieve myself of that unnecessarily expensive Adobe subscription…

I was able to even install thinkorswim for stock trading (don’t really do much of it, but it was nice to see it works!). Even my scanner works (gotta love iscan) and my wacom tablet worked out of the box!

It truly is a great flagship distro for Manjaro (I’ve also tried Sway for my Pi 400, and Lomiri for my Pinephone, also great in their own right, but XFCE is definitely one of the best imho).

Here are some screenshots, I especially love the fact that I got Codium to match the matcha theme (if you’re interested it’s called Borealis theme). Much love Manjaro team! May you and your distro live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:t5:


my eyes are to bad for the dark themes, slows me down.
i did the minimal+sway so i can avoid the dark theming on my rpi400.
i’m still at a very basic install cause i install apps as needed.


Sway is awesome on the Pi, and dark theme is one of my favorite aesthetic features but I can definitely understand it’s not for everybody.

Love the classic sway wallpaper, where’d you get it? And how do I get the waybar to display on the bottom? Apologies for the questions, but I like your setup! :+1:

wallpaper comes default, if you have sway it should be there.

you add:
“position”: “bottom”,


Mine came with a different background…odd, I’ll have to look into this. And yeah,w hen I went into the config file I was able to change the background, but not the waybar…I’m going to have to do some digging here.

Nevertheless thank you!

yeah, mines a custom. i don’t have manjaro tweaks & settings, i did a minimal install(cli) & then installed gdm sway nautilus gnome-terminal firefox waybar dmenu wofi …

waybar is the default, without manjaro tweaks.

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I have been using Manjaro XFCE for a few months now and just love it. I use the OS for my electronic studies and have found all the software I need. The Useful For Everyone page has even saved me a huge amount of time by pointing out the existence of TeXstudio. The forum has been helpful and friendly

I can hpnestly say, I came for Manjaro and stayed for the community!

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This is my manjaro with xfce4.
I very very like manjaro with xfce
manjaro is the best xfce distro.
my desktop :


With sway, how much RAM does the OS consume after a cold boot?

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i’ll get back to you on that. i just booted my xfce4 install to update. i don’t use it, haven’t even tweaked it that much, it’s pretty much still mostly default.

.3, that’s around 300mb

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I like kde . XFCE is broke down when I fist run.

i keep all the other de/wm’s on spare usb’s, except kde, i find it’s just to slow for my tastes.
i’m running on a rpi400, so crappy gpu.

the sway version is awesome on the pi 400, so much snappier than the xfce or any other distro imho, although i3 also runs decently.

You can always overclock the cpu for a bit of extra snappiness too.

i been trying to get use to the dark theme.
i still add mouse clickabilty to my setup as i often like to lean back in my chair away from the keyboard.

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xfce4 + i3-wm for the window manager on a rpi4 4gb, fan crapped out so i’m running heatsinks only.
xfwm4 & xfdesktop disabled, replaced with i3 & nitrogen in autostart.

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Looking awesome, sorry to hear about the fan crapping out on you, do you notice a loss in performance? How does xfce with I3 run by comparison to sway in terms of resource consumption?

no loss in performance, as long as it doesn’t reach 80 it won’t throttle.
it’s a lot less cpu use, so lower temps, memory use i haven’t gone above a 1000mb yet.

i’m not using kms, & have hardware accel unchecked in firefox.

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Sweet, I have alot of keybindings in my standard XFCE set to mimic some of the default keybindings in i3, but on my pi 400 I have the same set up, except that it runs much slower for obvious reasons, so I have considered putting i3 on there except the amount of time I’d have to put into the configuration would be a bit more extensive than I’d care to spare ATM, nevertheless it’s yet another bucket list of computer related tasks I’d like to eventually get to (then again I could always just do that after an extensive Gentoo installation on my main machine one day … but only if I feel like torturing myself, lol).

Thanks for all things awesome! :heavy_heart_exclamation: