Just updated and now having GUI trouble on Wayland

Hi all

I am new here as I’ve recently switched from CentOS to Manjaro.

I switched because I’ve been using Material Shell for a couple of years but it is no longer supported on Gnome 40.

Switching to Manjaro seemed like a reasonable option for me as I’d never used it before but am absolutely loving it so far.

Today I did a sudo pacman -Syu and pulled down a load of updates. When it updated, I suddenly had issues with GUI apps. Chromium, Calibre, VLC etc were struggling. You can see the GUI but none of the buttons are active. Even Nautilus was struggling and I couldn’t navigate anywhere via the GUI.

I logged out and logged in on X as opposed to Wayland and it fixed the problem straight away.

Do we have a way of rolling back the update on Manjaro so I can revert to a previous state?

I’m happy to continue using X as opposed to Wayland but would like to know for my own sanity.

Any help appreciated


You should restart after updating critical packages like that, probably logging out and logging in was enough, it depends on the packages updated, it needs to load the new version into ram from disk aka restarting the updated application is required.

If you do not do that you have old software running while new one is on the disk and it can cause problems.
So, basically restart, log into wayland session and let us now if it’s working again okay.

Ahhh sorry Arisa. I should have said it in my first post. I restarted as soon as the updates completed. I even restarted a couple more times to see if it would kick it in afterwards but it didn’t help.

I should have been more clear. Sorry.