Just making wallpaper

Hello making new wallpapers. First time every doing this. Put them on discord channel for Manjaro

The discord channel isn’t official.

I know I just don’t know where to post the wallpapers. Also I’m not a professional graphics design person. Have no real experience in design. I’m not greatest in the world so trying to find out how bad or good I am

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Just post them here :smiley: :+1:

I’ve got a better option than posting here…

But I don’t know they are comfortable with doing a pull request.

GIthub how does this help me? I could make my own GIthub page and post images to it. Anyways they are just over lays and few original work using other peoples images. So this isn’t a 100% legal. Never contacted any artist and ask permissions to use their work. Sure I could get in trouble or be asked to take down the wallpapers if they got offended. It’s just for personal use as wallpaper on a PC not to be distributed for gain.