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I have my system all updated 2 days ago… Everything was running just fine.
Just now i was trying to download “fd” package to try out this easier find app.
But it asked to me to install a 764.7MB of update… i was shocked… But i have learnt to check on the announcement page (which i bookmarked) and indeed got a new update pushed out.

Someone told me that he does not do update once it is pushed out… instead, he waits for a week or 2 before do the update, just because he said usually problem will be solve after a bit of waiting (1st one to rush into update usually could face bug).

Hence my question are ( could be weird question) :
How to wait ? how do i know when the next update will come out ? If i am unlucky, i waited for 2 weeks, and i forgot to check the announcement page; it could be that a new upgrade has again being pushed out and i would be the 1st one to upgrade the latest push (instead of upgrade to the 2 weeks old (bug fixed) upgrade)?

Since i want to wait a bit before rushing to the latest upgrade; however i want to try out “fd” package now…
How do i do that without “partially upgrade” ?
I think my answer would be just do the $pacman -S fd without using pamac or using pacman -Syu.
Is that ok (i asked because i am not sure how serious will “partial upgrade” issue affect system)… does a small “fd” package bring any risk of “partial upgrade” (at all) ?

I am question the quote “I usually wait for a week or 2 after new upgrade being pushed out, so that mitigate rushing into BUGs” … Does this statement is true at all ?
I meant, if a update in arch / manjaro being pushed out, IF there is really some unstable bug inside of it, will the maintainer actually fix the bug of the current push ? or the bug patch will only come out in the future update ?


Simple responses…

As a rolling release, you should always be up-to-date.

pamac more or less forces this by upgrading whenever you install a new package.

You can arguably avoid this by using a less hand-holding package manager like the almost-entirely-pure pacman … but even then the suggestion is to update first, though it wont force you.

As to the idea of ‘waiting’ … thats some persons procedure, and you have no obligation to follow it. I am on Unstable and I update blindly whenever I feel like it.

(there are reasons for the branches - Unstable > Testing > Stable … bugs should be generally caught before making it to Stable Branch update batches)

In my humble opinion - update, install, move on.


Don’t wait. Of course if you want you can, but more than one, two days is pointless in my opinion.

Don’t do it, always do full upgrade. Even if it’s small package it can have many dependencies – so partial update can broke system even in this situation.

If that’s Manjaro issue, it is always fixed almost instantly (I’ve never meet such bug on my systems). If this is upstream bug Manjaro have nothing to say in this situation – this kind of bugs (example) usually are fixed in next update, but not always, some bugs live longer, it depends on upstream. On the other side, a new update can introduce new bugs. You never know what the future will bring – that’s the nature and beauty of rolling release :slight_smile:

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oh… there is unstable and stable release.
You are pro person… i have not even reach to the state to do simple shell scripting and stuff. (just to let you know how newbie i am in linux). Hence when u faced bug, u know how to fix it, i don’t .

Can i just ask this:
There are stable release and unstable release, how do i know if the upgrade pushed out today is stable or unstable ? or will i only got stable release branch ? I don’t recall is it during installation of this os , it has asked me to choose a branch …
Is it i only get the branch that i have chosen or i will get both branches of release (both stable and unstable) ?

You dont need to.
If you are on stable branch (default) … you only get the Stable branch updates.

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Thx :heart: a lot

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