Jupyter-notebook does not start: No module named 'notebook.notebookapp'

I installed these packages, but it still get the error that it can not find the notebook.notebookapp

45.84KiB jupyterlab-pygments
102.77KiB jupyter-notebook-shim
141.25KiB python-jupyter-events
248.38KiB jupyter-nbclient
310.61KiB python-jupyter-core
556.33KiB python-jupyterlab-server
698.63KiB jupyter-nbformat
1211.69KiB python-jupyter-client
1607.33KiB jupyter-nbconvert
3.37MiB jupyter-server
13.88MiB jupyter-notebook
33.77MiB jupyterlab

Could anyone help me on this topic?
Kind regards,

In the future, post exactly what you did. And the logs.
Now if i have to use my crystal ball, i see 2 of the dependencies are missing (python-traitlets and python-tornado) and since these are handled automatically, it leads to the conclusion you did not install from the repos and at that point even my crystall ball is helpless: where did you get it from, how did you install etc. is a total mystery. But in any case, if you compile or install stuff manually, it is your problem to know which dependencies are needed.

package is from extra/jupyter-notebook
this deps should be handled:
Depends On : jupyter-notebook-shim jupyter-server jupyterlab python python-jupyter-client python-jupyter-core python-jupyterlab-server python-tornado python-traitlets

I don’t know what this is or what to do with it - but I can install it without issue
and after that, start two different applications from the menu (JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook) which both open a browser and … then I don’t know what to do with it.
But there is no error that I can see. :man_shrugging:

To install it I did:
sudo pacman -Syu jupyter-notebook

My system was fully updated so only the needed dependencies (many) where fetched.

LANG=C sudo pacman -Syu jupyter-notebook
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: python-ipykernel will be installed before its python-jupyter-client dependency

Packages (83) ipython-8.21.0-1  jupyter-nbclient-0.9.0-1  jupyter-nbconvert-7.16.0-1  jupyter-nbformat-5.9.2-1  jupyter-notebook-shim-0.2.3-2  jupyter-server-2.12.5-1
              jupyterlab-4.1.1-1  jupyterlab-pygments-0.3.0-1  python-anyio-4.2.0-1  python-argcomplete-2.0.0-2  python-argon2-cffi-bindings-21.2.0-4
              python-argon2_cffi-23.1.0-1  python-asttokens-2.4.1-1  python-async-lru-2.0.4-1  python-attrs-23.2.0-1  python-babel-2.12.1-2
              python-beautifulsoup4-4.12.2-1  python-bleach-6.1.0-1  python-certifi-2024.02.02-1  python-cffi-1.16.0-1  python-click-8.1.7-1  python-colorama-0.4.6-2
              python-comm-0.2.1-1  python-dateutil-2.8.2-6  python-decorator-5.1.1-3  python-defusedxml-0.7.1-5  python-executing-2.0.0-1
              python-fastjsonschema-2.19.1-1  python-h11-0.14.0-2  python-httpcore-1.0.2-2  python-httpx-0.26.0-1  python-importlib-metadata-5.1.0-1
              python-ipykernel-6.29.2-1  python-jedi-0.19.1-1  python-jinja-1:3.1.3-1  python-json-logger-2.0.7-2  python-json5-0.9.14-1  python-jsonschema-4.21.1-1
              python-jsonschema-specifications-2023.12.1-1  python-jupyter-client-8.6.0-1  python-jupyter-core-5.7.1-1  python-jupyter-events-0.9.0-1
              python-jupyterlab-server-2.25.2-1  python-markdown-it-py-3.0.0-1  python-markupsafe-2.1.4-1  python-matplotlib-inline-0.1.6-4  python-mdurl-0.1.2-4
              python-mistune-1:2.0.5-1  python-nest-asyncio-1.6.0-1  python-overrides-7.7.0-1  python-packaging-23.2-1  python-pandocfilters-1.5.1-1
              python-parso-1:0.8.3-2  python-platformdirs-4.1.0-1  python-ply-3.11-12  python-prometheus_client-0.19.0-1  python-prompt_toolkit-3.0.43-1
              python-pure-eval-0.2.2-3  python-pycparser-2.21-5  python-pygments-2.17.2-1  python-pyrsistent-0.19.3-3  python-pytz-2024.1-1  python-pyzmq-25.1.2-1
              python-referencing-0.33.0-1  python-rich-13.7.0-1  python-rpds-py-0.17.1-1  python-ruamel-yaml-0.17.40-1  python-ruamel.yaml.clib-0.2.8-1
              python-send2trash-1.8.2-1  python-six-1.16.0-8  python-sniffio-1.3.0-4  python-soupsieve-2.5-1  python-stack-data-0.6.3-1  python-tinycss2-1.2.1-2
              python-tornado-6.3.2-1  python-traitlets-5.14.1-1  python-typing_extensions-4.9.0-1  python-uc-micro-py-1.0.3-1  python-wcwidth-0.2.13-1
              python-webencodings-0.5.1-10  python-websocket-client-1.7.0-1  python-zipp-3.17.0-1  jupyter-notebook-7.1.0-1

Total Installed Size:  165.97 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

Ok, thanks for checking this. I found a solution, I had to delete the files in ~/.local/bin and reinstall jupyter notebook.

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echo $PATH
~/.local/bin is usually at the beginning, checked first
… however files with the same names as those belonging to the app ended up there :wink:

Does not compute. It’s one or the other.