Joplin doesn't appear in applications

I recently installed Joplin for taking notes and making todo lists. When I click ‘Show Applications’ in the launcher Joplin doesn’t appear anywhere. How is this configured?
If I fire up Main Menu Joplin appears under the Office folder and is ticked.

How did you install Joplin?

I installed the Flatpak from the package manager.

If I search from the desktop it finds it OK, its just not shown in Show Appliations

What’s “Main Menu”? Are you saying when you click Show Applications Joplin appears in the Office folder? If you want it to appear in the main grid, you can drag it out of the Office folder.

Main Menu is also known as Gnome alacarte.
No, Joplin isn’t shown anywhere in Show Applications, that’s the whole point of this post.

I just installed the Joplin Flatpak and it appears in Applications. Does the desktop file exist?