Joe's own editor (joe) missing?

Hello everyone!

Is it just me or is there no (more a) package for joe available in Manjaro?

IIRC I once installed it from the official repositories, but it’s been missing lately.
It seems to be available in AUR, but why it cannot be found in the official repositories is beyond me. :question:

If it was previously in the repo, it was probably demoted from Arch repositories, into AUR.

It’s in the AUR (en) - joe
But it’s a bit old Released 09 Jan 2018.

The Main page says this

It was removed from the arch repositories in May (and probably took some weeks until the removal hit through Manjaro stable)

Since then it is available as an AUR package…

@joe-77 It shows the date of the last modification to the AUR package.
The program itself however has not been updated since Jan. 2018 as @Jtyle6 mentioned.

Yes, I probably installed it on my other laptop way before May '21, so I would have installed it from the repo.

Just wondered why I could not get installed from the repo in my latest Manjaro installation.

Just out of interest, does anyone know why it was removed from the repositories?

From @moson 's link above:

So sounds like it no longer had a package maintainer in Arch.

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