I am unable to open certain links on websites now, and I see that at the bottom of my Vivaldi browser I have


when I hover my cursor over the respective link.

Anyone have experience in fixing this?

This just means it’s not a classic link, and the transition to the new page is handled through Javascript ; it is not that uncommon nowadays.
Check if you have Javascript enabled and if you have an ad/popup-blocker in the way.

Check if you have Javascript enabled

Very new to Linux here, where does one check this?

You should check if you have Javascript enabled in your browser not in your system (manjaro).

And please give more info on which page you experience the issue and on which element.

I am using Vivaldi, and I do not see anywhere in the options for it a explicit java options section.

However, the only difference I can think of is that I am running java 11 instead of 8? If that makes sense. I am running 11 because the trading platform ThinkorSwim requires it. And the site I am trying to access is TD Ameritrade.

Never had this issue before. However, did a fresh install of Manjaro about a week ago.

Java and Javascript are 2 totally different things. Java on your system has nothing to do with your problem

exactly, that’s not related to your problem.

So you can’t access the page itself? or you can’t click on some element on the page? if it’s a element then which one?
(to clarify, you are talking about this page: right?)

I can access the page just fine. I just cant click on elements of the page. And the homepage doesnt seem to fully load. The headers and logos all load though.

Yup thats the page.

If you still experience the issues, please install browser like firefox and check if the issue is present there also.
If not then you should check one more time if reinstalling the browser won’t fix this and if you still have this problem, you should report this to vivaldi’s developers.