Java based software and the "missing assistive technologies" bug

I have experienced an issue with varying Java software from Calibre to MediathekView and others, not launching because of some “assistive technologies” missing. The solution is to comment out the following line in the file /etc/java-openjdk/ (or other java openjdks, see script below)


There is a simple solution to it, so I even keep a script for it:

sudo sed -i -e ‘/^assistive_technologies=/s/^/#/’ /etc/java-openjdk/
sudo sed -i -e ‘/^assistive_technologies=/s/^/#/’ /etc/java-8-openjdk/
sudo sed -i -e ‘/^assistive_technologies=/s/^/#/’ /etc/java10-openjdk/
sudo sed -i -e ‘/^assistive_technologies=/s/^/#/’ /etc/java11-openjdk/

I guess it is more of a Java issue, but it is usually not happening on all my machines at once for the same software, but it being solved by the same script.

I wonder if this could be handled by Manjaro, it really does not make sense. The file is apparently not (always?) created when openjdks are installed, but on the other hand is being expected to exist. Also you need it to actually comment out the line.

Since the software is running fine with this fix, I really think there should be solution not requiring the user to actually have to find out about this and solve it by disabling the line.

I really am not deep into Java development. Could someone have a go to look if we could automate this behavior/eliminate this issue without actually disabling accessibility tools and without the user noticing? Is the openjdk installation borked, maybe? Is that assistive technogies part maybe not even installed on Manjaro? It seems that this issue does not really happen on other distros (I never had that issue on debian…)

etc/java-openjdk/ is owned by community/java-atk-wrapper-common that is inherited from Arch linux.
The default is with that line uncommented

Did you installed that package?
Mind you, but

are obsolete, not even part of AUR packages anymore …

The java-8/10/11 are leftovers from AUR packages. the java-atk-wrapper-openjdk was not installed, the java-atk-wrapper-common was. I will see if I can uncomment the line, now.