Java Application and UI (colors, fonts, etc.)

I have some issues with an java application.
Parts of the Application are invisible… for example in the following image:

  • the purple rectangle contain “checkboxes”, the Blue one is a marked entry…the font color become white and is nearly unreadable in front of the light background-color.

Question: How can I adjust the color / ui settings of an Java Application in Linux.

It depends on what is used for theming the application:

  • If it uses a GTK or Qt theming toolkit, you should be able to use your system them settings.
  • If it uses Swing, see: Java - ArchWiki
  • If it includes a theming configuration, you’ll likely need to use it.
  • If none of the above, you likely can’t. (I haven’t found JVM arguments that would allow to set theming configuration.)

How can I figure out which one is used?
It’s this package here: GitHub - Szaki/XiaomiADBFastbootTools: A simple tool for managing Xiaomi devices on desktop using ADB and Fastboot

Check the source.
Ask the devs.
Open an issue in their bug tracker.

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unfortunately none of your suggestions work. So it seems to be your last option :cold_sweat:
And as this repository is archived, there is no way to fill an issue :frowning:
Thanks anyway for helping hands.

You could try :man_rowing_boat: !

  • If one of the 3 possibilities works, you will succeed :+1:
  • If none work, you have tried what is possible :man_shrugging:

I would try 3 (if possible), then 2, then 1

You can also try a different java version (>= 11)

Try to run java application in terminal:


See if it works?

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately didn’t work.
even changing the java Version like @andreas85 suggested, didn’t work.