January 2024 upgrade problems

Since implementing the January 2024 upgrade on a Raspberry Pi 4B running KDE Plasma, I’ve had problems with at least two packages:

  1. A pre-existing spreadsheet template in LibreOffice failed to calculate after the upgrade

  2. devedeng, which had always worked before, failed to convert an mp4 video

Any ideas?

I’m not seeing devedeng in our repo or our x86 or aur or upstream arm/x86. Did you build the package your self?

I installed devedeng from the Add/Remove Software package, its details are as shown in the attached screenshot

I’m not a systems person, so I don’t generally attempt package building!

Well it’s name in the repo looks to be devede. We do not maintain it. It came from arch-arm. Looking at it seems it has not been updated since May of last year. I know ffmpeg has been updated since then. I do not know if devede needs to be brought up to speed with it’s coding (Last update December 2021) or just needs a rebuild. I believe python has updated since last May also. We do not maintain LibreOffice either.